Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance is conducted in accordance with the principles of protecting shareholders’ rights, enforcing the board’s function, empower-ing supervisors, and enhancing information transparency. We insist on transparent operations, safeguard shareholders’ rights, and believe that a robust and efficient board of directors lays the foundation of good corporate governance.

The number of directors in the company is decided properly depending on the business size, major shareholders’shareholdings, and operation in practice. Independent directors are also selected to increase the impartiali-ty and integrity of the board. In addition, the directors’professional portfolio is taken into consideration prudently to ensure the board’s effectiveness and efficiency.

A remuneration committee is instituted under the board of directors, com-posed of at least one independent director. The main function of the remu-neration committee is to assist the board with overseeing the company’s remuneration system and to provide advice to the board.

The number of our supervisors is adequately designed. The supervisors re-view the important accounting titles in our quarterly financial reports on a regular basis with certified public accountants to ensure the reasonability and appropriate expression. Moreover, they are responsible for checking the independence of certified public accountants, trading among key stake-holders, and reasonably ensuring the effectiveness of the design and im-plementation of the internal control system.

Corporate governance results

  • The company was awarded as the top 21%~35% listed companies at TWSE in the fourth corporate governance evaluation.
  • The company was awarded as the top 20% listed companies at over-the-counter market in the first corporate governance evaluation.
  • We were rated A- in the 12th information disclosure evaluation for listed companies at over-the-counter market.